Erotica 1: Back at Work

This story was written with editing help from the wonderful Indigo Wolfe. Indigo is a sex educator and adult toy reviewer. You can view their work on their website or keep up to date with them on twitter.

Vee hadn’t worked in a while. Six weeks to be exact.
Six weeks away from the adrenaline, desire, fear, and perversion of sex work. Normally, Vee’s body language speaks to her confidence.  But today, her hands were clammy and stomach tight. She felt a drop of sweat slide from her neck, down between her shoulder blades before disappearing into her sports bra.
“Fuck,” she muttered under her breath, realising she had forgotten her work bra at home. “Breathe. Fucking breathe, you can do this.” She took off her sports bra and pulled on a simple camisole.
“Not so bad,” she studied her reflection in the mirror. Her nipples peaked through the flimsy fabric. Her eyes moved to the rest of her body. Her forehead was shiny with sweat but her lips looked pink, ripe and inviting. Her thighs were pale after a long Melbourne winter, but her freshly shaved and moisturised legs looked good enough to lick.
“You can fucking do this.”
She wasn’t even sure if the client would show up. Clients can be flakey and sometimes Vee would go to all this work only to have a nervy client bailout at the last minute. Vee glanced nervously at the clock on the wall - he wasn’t running late yet, no need to panic.
“Fuck!” a particularly rowdy song started playing on the stereo, and jarred Vee’s nerves. She had forgotten to change the music to her work playlist and started fumbling with her phone, trying to find the correct playlist - full of slow, grindy, oozey music - to put on. Her hands were shaking but she found it eventually. The familiar sound of She Don’t Love Me by the Impressions started to play and Vee took a few deep breaths. Music always grounds her, brings her into her body, connects her to her sensuality.
She gently swayed to the music and sent a few breaths deep down into her belly.

A knock on the door interrupted Vee’s moment of meditation. She took one last breath and opened the door. The client’s eyes were wide and bright at the sight of Vee. She realised that he had probably been waiting all day for this moment to come. She was his fantasy. Her adrenaline surged - competing with her nerves for control over her body. Vee smiled broadly and welcomed him inside.
He was South Asian, just below average height, and with a shiny, inviting beard surrounding smiling lips. Vee surmised from his casual office wear that he didn’t work in a particularly conservative job,  and he had snuck out of work early to give himself a treat on the way home.
He handed her an envelope containing her fee and Vee pointed him to the shower. She listened to the sound of water hitting the tiles while she counted her money.
The apartment Vee was using that day was modestly sexy. There were floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the city; a bed with soft sheets and a ludicrous amount of pillows; scented candles tucked close to lush green plants giving the whole space the aroma of Sandalwood. It looked like any well-designed, minimalist Air BnB apartment except for the assortment of condoms, rubber gloves, dams, lubes, massage oils and wet wipes on the bedside table.
Her breathing had slowed and her nerves were still thrumming through her body but she no longer felt uncomfortable. Adrenaline and the desire to do a good job were pushing any feelings of uneasiness out of the way. Vee fidgeted over the lighting – it was starting to get dark out – she played with the angle of a lamp until the whole room had a soft, gold glow to it.

“You look lovely,” he said. His glasses were gone and he was holding a towel around his waist. His erection pushed against the fabric. Vee loves looking at erections; she loves that the body is betraying the inner workings of the mind, signalling to the world the arousal of the owner.
“Thank you, so do you.”
“I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
“I can tell. Come here.”
All nerves disappeared from Vee’s mind as the client moved in to kiss her. He was fervent and hurried in his kisses. He did not want to talk – at least not beforehand – he had spent the entire day imagining the smells and taste of Vee’s body, craving to feel her warmth and to shed the responsibility of day-to-day life for sixty minutes.
In the lead up to a booking he would always feel a combination of guilt and excitement. Guilt for spending the money, having a secret, and paying for sex. Excitement to do something entirely for him, that feels improper and is so damn good. The guilt never entirely disappears but with Vee in front of him now he felt overjoyed to touch and explore her body.
His kisses slowed as he relaxed and started to notice all the sensations of Vee’s mouth. He moved his kisses to Vee’s neck – tasting the light saltiness of her sweat. He took Vee’s hand and lifted it above her head exposing her armpits. He pressed his mouth and nose into her armpit hair and inhaled deeply. Vee smelt so good – like earth and sunshine – he inhaled again, letting the scent wash over him.
Vee started to feed off the client’s energy and let the client drink in the details of her body.
“You are so beautiful,” he said.
Vee pushed his mouth back onto her skin as a response.
The sensuality that the client embodied in that moment fascinated Vee. The client had transformed from someone you wouldn’t glance at twice on a commuter train, to someone so enlivened in a matter of minutes.
The client’s hands explored Vee’s whole body – sometimes stroking, other times grabbing – no part of Vee was left unexplored. He sucked on her toes which made Vee squeal; first with discomfort, and then with delight. The next focus of his adoration was Vee’s thighs. First he used his hands to grab and massage at the juiciest parts of her thighs and then kissed softly on the most sensitive part - where her pubic hair begun. His gentleness endeared him to Vee - she softened to his touch, and relaxed knowing he was going to touch her body with care. She let out a sigh as her cunt started to crave his mouth. Unexpectedly, the client made his way up her body and finally settled with his mouth in her armpits again. As he exhaled, his breath warmed Vee’s skin and she moaned with delight. She grabbed his hands and pressed it into her cunt. She grinded into his palm, as he pleasured her armpit.
“I wish you hadn’t showered,” he said.
“Next time.”
“You smell so good. I could spend the whole hour with my mouth here.”
“I want to feel your tongue. Lick me again.”
He teased her armpit, revelling in the opportunity to touch a near-stranger in such an intimate, hidden and dirty place.
A bit of pre-come dropped from the head of his cock onto Vee’s thigh. She reached for a condom sensing that he wanted to be inside her.
“Lie back on the bed,” she said.
The client did as he was told. Vee straddled him and put a condom on him. She looked into his eyes as she covered his cock in lubricant - his cock throbbed in her hands.
“Do you want to be inside me?” she said, looking into the clients eyes..
Vee rubbed the head of his cock all over her vulva - teasing both of them.
“I want you,” she whispered into the clients ear.
She slowly slid his cock inside her and he groaned with relief.
Vee likes being on top. She likes moving slowly, watching her partners reactions and showing them how she likes to fuck.
The client lay back and surrendered to the pleasure. He felt both electrified and completely relaxed. Vee was looking at him intently - their eyes met and he held her gaze briefly but felt caught off guard by the intimacy of eye contact. Vee buried her face into his neck and let her moans fill his ear.
He started to moan and grabbed hold of Vee’s hips to push himself into her. Vee felt his cock touch that sweet spot deep inside her. He moved slowly enough to enjoy every sensation, but with enough force to be captivating. Vee watched his chest flush, her hands caressed his chest and her tongue teased his neck. The client was moaning loudly now. Vee felt swept up in his lust.
She sensed the client lose touch with the world and become consumed in his own pleasure. His body convulsed and the throb of his orgasm echoed through her pelvis.
They lay down together and Vee listened to his breathing return to normal. A smile crept onto her face. The nerves that had felt overwhelming before the booking had disappeared entirely. Being back at work felt good. She felt her confidence start to come back and felt proud to have created that experience for the client.
“Thank you so much,” he said laughing.
“My absolute pleasure.”