I may ask for a deposit to secure you booking. This will be in the form of either bank transfer, direct cash deposit via ATM, or a gift card of my choosing.


If you need to cancel the booking and give me more than 72 hours’ notice then I will partially refund your deposit. Your refund will be minus my costs incurred; these costs include accommodation and transport, for example. I also value my time in organising the booking at 10% of my total fee. This 10% is also not refundable.

Cancellations with less than 72 hours’ are non-refundable. I will exercise discretion if you have paid a large deposit, and will offer a partial refund if that is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

If I cancel the booking then I will offer you a refund or reschedule. However, I reserve the right to cancel the booking and part or all of the deposit if you display unsafe behaviour before the booking. Unsafe behaviour includes intimidation, manipulation and threats.